Las Vacas, In Search of meat

After the horror show that was TGIF, it got me thinking how hard would it be to find, cook and eat that “perfect steak”. Two things came to me:

  1. A good steak in KL is expensive (but oh so worth it when the cravings hit)
  2. If you want a good steak affordably, you’ve got to do-it-yourself

I’ve done #1, now its time to do #2. 

vacas01.JPGWith suggestions from friends, i went in search of Las Vacas, a shop specializing in the retail of good halal meat. If you want, they’ll even cook it for you too. But for today, i was looking for a good cut of meat to cook for myself tonight.

Its not an easy shop to find, and without iPhone Maps, i would have been lost. But as it turns out, the shop is literally just around the corner (well, 17.3km around the corner).

vacas02.JPGThe shop itself is quite nice. A nice display for the meats it has on sale (its quite seasonal apparently, they don’t always have the same cuts and meats available). A freezer in the corner for their burger patties (which are hugely generous), and another display for fresh sausages and lamb cuts. The other half of the store holds tables for patrons who want to “eat in”. 

vacas03.JPGWhen i arrived, there was one table occupied, a father and son, and the steaks they had on their plates looked really good. I’ll have to come back one day soon to try them out myself.

I was lucky enough to meet Freddy Azman, on of the Directors of the business. He talked me through some of the cuts of meat they had for sale — grainfed Australian sirloin and rib-eye and Angus rib-eyes were prominently displayed. I told him what i wanted to do (i have an electric steak griller at home) and he patiently walked me through which cuts of meat i should use. They didn’t have any tenderloin available, so i settled on a cut each of the grainfed sirloin and rib-eye. 

I asked him how they cook the meat in the shop — “Salt, pepper, olive oil, that’s it. Over a gas fired grill at the back.” That’s just the way i like my meat, simplicity. I liked him already.

I also picked up a packet of their famous beef pies that i’ve heard so much about. Just a couple of minutes in the oven and those would be ready to go.

vacas04.JPGTotal bill: RM48.80, for 2 prime cuts of meat and a large packet of beef pies. Not exactly cheap, but considering a good steak in good KL restaurant is about RM60+, i think its reasonable. 

During Ramadhan, Freddy told me that they do an all-you-can eat BBQ steak buffet for RM60 a person. Sirloins, tenderloins, lamb cuts — as much as your cholesterol levels will allow you to eat. For the BBQ, they use a charcoal fire pit outside instead, tables inside the store and al fresco as well. I’ll have to come back to check that out before the month is out.

Las Vacas has been around for 3 years, and besides retail meats, they also do distribution and wholesaling. Finally, a place where i can get the right meats to satisfy the carnivore in me? Amen.

Las Vacas – Beef It UpNo.23, Jalan SS 5A/11, Kelana Jaya47301 Petaling Jaya, SelangorTel: 03 78740711 Fax: 03 78740655


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