The Amazing Race Asia S4 – Nur Islam and Hilda!!!

nurislam.jpgOne of my favourite all time shows is back, The Amazing Race Asia now in its 4th season. Not only is it back, but it brings with it a little surprise for me personally: two friends from university will be running it as husband and wife!

Take a bow, Nur Islam and Hilda!

Let me share with you a few things that the AXN preview of this team doesn’t tell us.

  • Ivan Evetovics’ Muslim name is Nur Islam, or “Nuri” to his friends
  • He was a top university debater during his years in IIUM, highly competitive, supremely intelligent, and ranked highly as one of Asia’s best speakers.
  • When he gets excited, he stutters like a mad man. Will we see the famous “Nuri Stutter” on the show? Let’s hope so, its hillarious!
  • Nur Islam sported a really cool beard in university… its gone now, sadly.
  • When i first got to know him, he was overweight and pudgy. He looked more like a Hungarian sausage then the buff six-pack machine you see today. When he made the transition to being a macho man, we started giving him a new nickname, “Maximus”. That and also because he would break into spontaneous quotes from Gladiator (the movie) all the time. And i mean, all the time. It was ridiculous.
Nuri went from this…


…to this. Wowzers!

  • Nur Islam and Hilda were married young, after a whirlwind romance in her home state of Sarawak. Something to do with him being a missionary, visiting Malaysia and falling for a local. 😛
  • They used to bring their baby to debate training, incredibly adorable baby daughter (they have son now too i think).
  • While she’s nearly a foot shorter than him, Hilda dominates her husband. DOMINATOR! He is putty in her hands, “Yes, dear, No, dear” sort of way.
  • They were known as the hippest married couple on campus, coming to class in gypsy baggy shirts and pants. 

What do i expect to see of them on the show? 

I think they’ll run an intelligent race. They’re both very fit, excellent martial artists, so the physical challenges won’t trouble them. Nur Islam can be ruthless so he’ll probably be the one who decides to U-Turn everyone and play a “dirty” race; Hilda will be the nice one and make friends with everyone. Food challenges may freak Nuri out a bit… he has trouble with exotic or unusual food. 

Will they win? 

They’re my friends, i hope they do!

Good luck, Nur Islam and Hilda. May you survive many episodes, and provide me endless laughter and entertainment.


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