Wielding the ban-hammer

banhammer.jpgIt’s getting really frustrating, even for me. I’m the sort of guy that tries to see the best intentions in everyone, the silver lining in every cloud. When Tun M went ballistic with his “meritocracy is racist” blurb, i took his side. When Israel killed those 9 Turks aboard the peace flotilla, i considered theirs an act of self-defence. 

Yeah, i do my best to understand motives and intentions before making a judgement.

But i have very little good to say about how the Government is wielding the Ban-hammer lately. I really can’t think of a believable excuse to give them.

  • Hassan Skodeng is facing jail time for satire. God, if comedy is a sin, then my drama must be an outrageous sin. The whole charge is so ridiculous, i would scream my head off in hilarious laughter if it wasn’t deadly serious.
  • Namewee is scared, the threat of punishment is very real for him. All because of something innocuous he put up on YouTube? You hear more racially charged statements during UMNO Youth gatherings.
  • Let’s not forget that RPK will probably not be allowed back into the country as long as BN rules.
  • The Government making all sorts of grumbling noises about “sensitive” content on the Web. What does “sensitive” even mean? Some people are “sensitive” to just about everything. If we were to pander to the lowest common denominator, everyone should just shut up — it would be a world where no one could say anything in fear of “hurting someone’s feelings”. 

The online world, one that was promised freedom from interference and censorship by the MSC Bill of Guarantees, Article 7, is under severe attack.

No doubt, they won’t be able to get us all. The Web is just too wide, and there are just too many voices on it to silence everyone. But they don’t have to. They only need to silence our champions, and put the fear of retributive wrath in the rest of us. Once all the strong have fallen, there will be very few remaining to pick up the banner. If Hassan Skodeng is silenced, how many other writers do we have who can weave truths into satirical sarcasm?

The Ban-hammer is a mighty weapon. Will digital ink prove mightier still? I honestly don’t know.


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