(Podcast) Episode 1, 2010


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Full transcript included.


You’re listening to the weekly podcast of the Volume of Interactions, and i’m Aizuddin Danian. In the next 7 minutes, i’ll summarize for you what has been written on this blog this past week. Wherever relevant, i’ll add a little extra commentary on the issues that i’ve had a bit more time to reflect on.

There are 3 main things i’ll be talking about today.

The first concerns the controversy surrounding the Namewee video and how this country, its leaders and people are reacting to it.

– the video is a rap song critical of the alleged racists comments made by a headmistress in Kulai, Johor.- vulgar language, f this and f that- not something that i feel comfortable listening to, and its certain not mainstream popular culture here in Malaysia- despite his claim of being anti-racist and the embodiment of 1Malaysia, the authorities have been very hard on him- police called him to make a statement- MCMC interviewed him for 7 hours- creating an atmosphere of fear, suppressing the honest expression of unhappiness over “sensitive” issues.- inconsistent with how the authorities are dealing with the principals of the schools in Kulau and Bukit Selambau — what is the progress of their investigations?

The second is about the my adventure with Las Vacas, and it’s all about good food and good steaks.

– a company that specializes in the wholesale distributorship of halal meats- does a thriving retail business as well- very likable owners, Freddy Azman is a kind man, knows his meat and is generous with his knowledge- besides selling raw meat, also will cook the meat you bought for you- ramadhan buffet was fantastic — excellent cuts of meat, superb sides, potato salad The third is some international news about some of the deplorable things Muslims around the world have done this week.

– Muslims getting a lot of bad press, again- rape of young boys, dismissed as “cultural practice” of bacha naz– killing of civilians, then cheering about it- this is not what Islam is about, and i distance myself from it completely


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