An Open Letter to President Hu Jintao

I was reading RPK’s latest article today. Some pretty serious allegations there (what’s new), and completely unsubstantiated (that’s not new either). But entertaining to read nonetheless, and certainly something to keep the ears open for should future needs arise. Who knows, it might actually be true.

Besides the article, i found one of the comments particularly humorous. The sense of satire is alive and well in the Malaysian mind, despite what’s happening to Hassan Skodeng.

Dear President Hu Jintao, 

This is a humble message from an ordinary Malaysian who work hard to feed his family and to provide a decent education to his children. 

As you know, Malaysia is one of the wealthiest country in Asia with vast natural resources. In other words, our country is rich. But than, we are now being govern by a tyrant and oppressive leaders that have been looting the peoples’ money and the nations’ wealth. Corruption is so rampant that it has been a business culture. 

This country claims to be a Muslim country. According to the Quraan, which is the noble book for the Muslims, thieves should have their hands chopped off for causing untold misery and losses to the victim. But this Muslim country I am residing now do not practice such law. Nevertheless, I envy the law of your country in which thieves, looters and corrupt persons should be shot at the back of their heads and the families must pay the cost of the bullets. Despite China not being a Muslim country, your law protects the poor and the downtrodden. Over here, most of our leaders are Muslims, they bow to their God 5 times a day, but than, they are not afraid of the God’s wrath for plundering the peoples’ money. Oh! how I wish we have such laws like the one you have in your country. 

Mr. President, 

Today we came to know that for some projects awarded to a company from you country, that company from your country should pay RM500 million (sorry I do not know how many Yuan?) to the various parties in Malaysia which includes our numero UNO. This upfront money is “bribe” money. In Bahasa Malaysia we call it “rasuah”, in Chinese ?? or ?? If this is true, we the people of Malaysia plead that your court will punish the thieves even if he is a Malaysian and regardless of whatever his position he holds in this country. Please do sympathize with us, the ordinary folks in Malaysia who are struggling to make ends meet and to put food on the table for our families only to find we are being looted left, right and center by those people running this country! 

And lastly Mr. President… we the people of Malaysia, will be more than happy to pay for the price of the bullets! 

Thank you Mr President… may your country prosper and may you have a long life!


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