Najib has his blinders on

blinders.jpgSometimes people say things that are just so irritating, things that make you want to pick them up by the collar and shake them silly. It’s terribly frustrating.

PM Najib entered, unwisely i must add, into the Teo Nie Ching debate, saying that what she did violated the National Fatwa Council’s instructions about non-Muslims in mosques (this injunction is highly debatable). He said she was inappropriately dressed (Najib should really speak to his wife about this first), and she gave a tazkirah (speech) to the Muslims there (she was invited by the mosque’s exco to speak about Selangor’s education plan).

Why did Najib feel the need to comment at all? An even if he did feel the urge to suddenly say something, his timing is terrible. The issue is dead and buried, Nie Ching has apologized, MAIS has given its warnings against future occurrences. The nation has moved on. Is it a case of Johnny Come Lately?

It’s like the whole world has passed our revered PM by, and now he is trying to catch up. Perhaps he didn’t notice. Perhaps he had his blinders on.


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