Not bad, a world class response?

water.jpgWhen the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plan shut down in the early hours of Tuesday morning, i’ll bet hundreds of thousands of people (myself included) were wondering if we had to endure a Hari Raya without water. 

PETALING JAYA: Over a million people were hit by a water supply disruption in several districts in the Klang Valley and in Putrajaya.

The unscheduled cut happened after the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant had to be closed due to high levels of ammonia in the water drawn from Sungai Kembong. The source of the contamination was traced to a “failed” retention wall at a sanitary landfill.

The plant was reopened at 4pm yesterday after the ammonia content dropped to a safe level.

But within 14 hours of the shutdown, Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd had things up and running again. In addition to that, they had the tankers out making the rounds, distributing water to areas which may still have a problem (it’ll probably take a few days to get the water pressure up again for everyone). 

A major crisis during a major festive season, identified, worked on and rectified in 14 hours? That’s pretty damn good. No idea whether it’s world class or not, but, i can tell you that it really feels like it.


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