Nazri launches a broadside against Utusan Malaysia


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It’s about time someone said something. Utusan Malaysia has been running amok with its support for the ultra Malays, and i’ve been wondering what their beef was. 

But having said that, isn’t what Utusan is doing a perfect example of what the Fourth Estate should be doing? We scream for more media freedom everyday, for more editorial expression and for a press that prints its mind, rather than what its told. 

We don’t have to agree with what the press prints, but that’s where we have the power to vote with our wallets and choose another paper to spend our RM1.50 on instead.

What Utusan is doing is no different from what newspapers in more developed societies do. The Washington Post is almost painfully apologetic for the Republicans. Just like the New York Times will spread its legs any time a Democratic presidents wants it too. Similarly, the Daily Telegraph in the UK is sinfully Conservative. These are independent newspapers who, through the use of their free opinions, choose to support whomever they wish. 

The fact that Utusan is virtually UMNO owned, but still decides to bite the hand that feeds it is, in this context, applaudable!


3 thoughts on “Nazri launches a broadside against Utusan Malaysia

  1. Interesting times. Support your view of press freedom as long as Utusan subscribes to ethics of journalism. But the whole UMNO-Utusan-Perkasa is an unholy trinity, in reality they are just one.
    UMNO leaders distnace themselves from Utusan and Perkasa in English medium newspapers hoping to win over gullible non Malays whilst they keep fanning ultra Malay sentiments through Utusan and Perkasa to keep the support of the kampung folks, some who have been indoctrinated to be racist (through our education system). They did the same thing during the Bible-Allah issue, where Peninsula media was reporting on UMNO’s conservative position whereas there was almost total blackout on the issue in Sabah and Sarawak. Our friends over there (including Nur Islam) had no idea that this was a national issue. Typical of how BN wants to eat the cake and have it too. If UMNO wanted to clam down on Utusan and get it to support the 1 Malaysia agenda, they could do it with just one phone call or sacking!
    The problem for UMNO though, in this digital media age, it is impossible to compartmentalize media reporting to certain demographics i.e. the non Malays know what is reported in Utusan and I bet Pakatan are going around (if they are smart) telling the kampung folks of UMNO’s charade.


  2. For the skeptics, its always going to be a hard sell for BN no matter what they do. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
    For me, its encouraging that Najib’s lieutenants are making all the right noises, but it really means nothing unless the General has his say too.
    He has been too soft on PERKASA, and that says more about his courage as a leader than anything else.
    A small time pastor, Terry Jones, drew a response from President Obama. So Najib can’t say that Ibrahim Ali is too small for him to dignify a response.
    The jury is out on BN’s real stand on ultra malay supremism until its leader stands up to be counted.


  3. No it is not dammed if they do and dammed if they dont, just as credit should not be given just for saying things. Corrective measures must be effective. Najib speaking out might signal progress but if BN/UMNO is serious, then they have to moderate Utusan’s views since it is owned by UMNO and funnily enough Najib is the President of UMNO. What’s the point if he pats the non Malays with his left hand and whacks them with his right hand? Unless all you want to say is well at least he is doing something.
    Moderation of Utusan might be seen as violation of press freedom but since UMNO owns Utusan then it can’t be said to be in favour of 1 Malaysia when its paper is going against it. Either moderate Utusan and sell off their ownership


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