How to commit the perfect murder

solilawati.JPGThe murder of Datuk Sosilawati and her colleagues was gruesome. As bad as the Altantuya case, certainly. They were beaten up, killed, then burned to ash. Just goes to show how greed is a great motivator. 

But it made me curious what it takes for a human being to capable to commit murder, especially something as evil as this one. I was looking for psychological reasons.

Instead i found something else, just as interesting: a cache of websites explaining in detail how to commit the perfect murder.

A perfect murder is only possible if you can beat modern forensic science, which is really difficult to defeat these days considering that you are going against technology. This simply implies that a crime must be done scientifically in order to defeat a scientific investigation. Here are some factors to consider on how to commit a perfect murder.

Modern forensic science means that murder today is a competition between the murderer and the forensic experts. So it goes to reason that forensic science needs evidence to work with, the less evidence you leave behind (including the body of the victim and the murder weapon), the better your chances of getting away. The Sosilawati murderers were on the right track, in that regard.

The perfect murder weapon? That would be poison, according to the BBC.

And what is the perfect murder weapon? Probably Agatha Christie’s favourite – poison. It leaves no marks on the body, and the victim may not even realise what has happened until it’s too late. But there still might not be a perfect murder. The world’s most notorious poisoner – Harold Shipman – was eventually caught.

The BBC was so generous in their offering, they even made a documentary describing how it would be done, from the choice of the murder weapon right down to how to dispose the body.

Further googling found the perfect poison: polonium-210. Slow-acting, and virtually untraceable. By the time the victim was dead, the killer would be long gone and hidden by an impossible trail.

How to get away with murder? According to the Daily Telegraph, the most important keys to getting away is to keep it simple and be able to keep it secret.

“If I had an unpleasant husband with healthy life insurance, on Christmas Day I would take him to Beachy Head. There’s nothing quite like a bracing walk on the chalky cliffs of the Sussex Downs to clear the cobwebs at Christmas.” In Who’s Who P. D. James lists “walking by the sea” as her favourite recreation. “We’d walk and we’d talk and we’d gaze out to sea, and I would make sure that no one was looking, no one at all, and then, quite suddenly, I’d push him over the edge.”

A lesson the Sosilawati murderers might have done well to heed, perhaps.

Murder is a nasty, nasty business. But it is possible to get away with it. That makes the task of the police force all that more harder. The fact they were able to catch Sosilawati’s alleged murderers at all, and so quickly, is a great credit to them, no matter what the detractors say.

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One thought on “How to commit the perfect murder

  1. You would think that with all that info, they’re literally teaching people how to commit such a heinous act, while at the same time, teaching them how to get away with it.


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