Zaid Ibrahim agrees with my assessment of PR

zaid_ibrahim.jpgComing from the proverbial horse’s mouth. Zaid Ibrahim talks about the cohesiveness (the lack of) in PR’s policies, in their ability to be a true alternative political power, in the details of their proposals and common framework.

I want the same questions answered too, and have asked for them consistently since PR’s Day 1

“It is one thing to blame BN, Umno or Najib for their mismanagement… but then you too have to come up with something, tell the people that this is what PR wants to do and why it is the better way,” he said.

He complained that this was the kind of leadership that PKR currently lacked.

“And as the leader of the opposition, PKR needs to take the lead in this. We need to move forward and mobilise our partners in PR to draft out these common policies.

Its good that a leader from within PR is observant enough to ask the “real” questions that matter to the educated and mature members of the Malaysian electorate. Let’s see him get some answers.

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