Najib’s Flip Flop

najib.jpgYesterday, Lim Kit Siang called PM Najib out for being a “flip flop”:

Najib’s attempt to distance or disentangle Umno from Perkasa did not last more than a week from the announcement of the Umno Secretary-General that Perkasa was eroding non-Malay support for Barisan Nasional to Najib’s Malaysia Day message expressing sadness at the rise of extremism in his 18 months as Prime Minister.

There are only two possible conclusions we can make from what our PM is doing: either he is a fool who can’t decide which side of the racist fence he sits on, or he is an extremely intelligent and calculating man.

Let’s give him the benefit of doubt, because if he is the former, then there is really nothing more than can be said in his defense — you don’t get angry at fools, you just get rid of them at the next available opportunity.

No, let’s consider the latter. PM Najib is a lot smarter than we think. If that’s true, then there is a method to this madness, and perhaps, even if we don’t agree with him, we will have to respect his courage and intelligence for taking such a position.

For such a man, someone who has calculated and considered all the angles and still says the things he says, perhaps the truth is that a majority of Malays agree with him, agree with the ultra-Malay drivel we see every day from the likes of Ibrahim Ali and Co. 

Perhaps the majority of the electorate are racist, and if the majority are the Malays, why not pander to their desires? Give them what they want, and they will give us want we want: their vote. It is a democracy after all.

Perhaps the protests and voices of commentators on this blog and others are, in fact, the minority. Perhaps even a tiny minority. Sure, the people all around us agree that racism is bad, but do you, me and all our friends make up a significant voting block? How about the rural Malays, the farmer, the rubber tapper, the factory worker, the man who sees his life and compares it against that of his rich Indian neighbour and gets angry. How many of those exist out there in the electorate wild?

PERKASA claims to have 300,000 members. That’s a large block of votes. How about the 1.2 million civil servants, many of whom got their jobs (and are keeping it) because of the “special position” promised to Bumiputeras in Federal service? Wouldn’t they vote to keep the status quo, to protect their rice bowl? 

It just makes you wonder. I’ve met PM Najib before in person, and he doesn’t strike me as an uneducated man. He seems quite bright; if genetics has anything to do with anything, his DNA stock comes from very good roots.

Perhaps he is doing what he is doing for his political survival. He has counted all the beans (twice) and they fall firmly into one tray, the racist one.

God help us all. 

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