Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of Britain

nick_clegg.jpgI’m still trying to figure out why Nick Clegg would write personally to RPK and give him this. I’m sure the man is well connected, but what interest does the DPM of Britain have with our most famous son? Curious times, indeed.

In any case, Nick Clegg’s speech in parliament. Let’s not forget he is a politician, and like all politicians will spend at least a 1/3 of their time blowing hot air up his own ass. Politicians are like balloons, they need to be constantly filled to fly.

But there is one thing i think our current batch of leaders should emulate, and that’s what i call, “the showcase”. This is an example of what i mean:

Just think what we’ve done already.  We’ve ended the injustice of the richest paying less tax on investments than the poorest do on their wages. We’ve guaranteed older people a decent increase in their pension. In November, we will publish a Freedom Bill to roll back a generation of illiberal and intrusive legislation. By Christmas, Identity Card laws will be consigned to the history books. From New Year’s Day, the banks will pay a new levy that will help fill the black hole they helped create. On 1 April, 900,000 low earners will stop paying income tax altogether. In May, the people of Britain will get to choose their own voting system. And this time next year, there will be a pupil premium so the children who need the most help, get the most help.

In the most humble manner possible, tell the audience what you’ve done for them lately. You want to make them feel good that they voted for you, and that you’re their leader. 

Recent public speeches from Najib all the way down the line, even among the members of the opposition, have been so negative and defensive. It almost makes them seem afraid, it certainly makes them seem more concerned about what other people think about them, rather than pushing for results they can proudly call their own.

Perhaps its not the Asian way. Or perhaps they is just too little good to talk about.

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