Zaid Ibrahim on the offensive

zaid_ibrahim.jpgFirst he takes a shotgun to PKR and blows significant chunks out of it. While i found that it validated some of my earlier thoughts about the party, i also thought its strange that someone would basically be poking holes in his own canoe. It doesn’t really compute. 

Now, Zaid Ibrahim takes a wild swing at the PKR elections process. This is what he says:

“I am still reasonably confident that I will win. If, of course, there is a fair counting and fair process, then I am sure I will win,” he said.

If that isn’t a poke in the eye, then nothing is. 

There are only two possibilities:

  • He is lying. He knows he is going to lose in a fair election and wants to damage the credibility of the party from within as much as he can before he gets the boot.
  • He is telling the truth. He knows things that only a senior insider of the party will know. By stating the truth, he puts pressure on the election commission to give him a fair election. If he wins, he will then emerge the hero to reform the party. If he loses, he can claim foul.

Either way, PKR loses.

That’s dastardly, and wickedly smart. I’m beginning to like this guy for the exact opposite reasons why i like Nurul Izzah. Seems like a contradiction, but i assure you its not. He’s just so Mahathir-ian.

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3 thoughts on “Zaid Ibrahim on the offensive

  1. I like Zaid and if I was voting, I would vote for him. But I don’t quite see how you like a guy that according to your analysis is out to ‘do’ his own party? Isn’t that sabotage and how is that admirable?


  2. It’s nasty, naughty and downright despicable. No doubt about that. But also pretty brave.
    It’s like the Joker in Batman.
    Who cares about Batman. Everyone loved Heath Ledger’s Joker, right?
    Same thing here.


  3. Err buddy the difference is that was a movie just acting…this is real life with real consequences. Don’t think anybody would like what the Joker did if the consequences were real and affected them.


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