Bang, she’s right

izzah.jpgNurul Izzah’s brand of intelligent criticism strikes again

She’s proven more than a match for the rhetorics of a racist.

She’s proving to be a good match against the combined smarts of PEMANDU’s economic gurus

Is there anything this woman can’t do? Whomever her advisors are, they’re doing a great job.

Makes me wonder if PEMANDU engaged people like her when it was figuring out the ETP. Some of her questions are really basic markers of economic policy management. PPP, % of GDP spending, growth rates, etc. 

Its a really long read, but her summation, thankfully, makes it easy for the common person to understand:

The Political Reformation Plan or ‘Political Contract’ would include repealing all anti-democratic laws, respecting separation of powers, reforming national elections and restoring local government elections, returning the judiciary’s and other state institution’s independence, fighting corruption, ensuring a free media and by abiding to the true meaning of our constitution, then and only then, will the economic transformation plan become a resounding success for a better Malaysia.

This is a prevailing PR position: resolve the “political contract” and the socio-economic ones will follow naturally. In practice, it’s probably going to be a little bit more complicated than that, but that’s as good a place to start as any.

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3 thoughts on “Bang, she’s right

  1. Smart and intelligent “questions” indeed but not much of intelligent criticism I’d say. I was hoping for the critics to provide some of the answers/suggestions to the hard questions instead for it to be classified as intelligent.


  2. The easy thing about being the Opposition is that you’re not required to provide the answers to your own questions.
    Otherwise, you’d be the Government. 🙂


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