The ETP Keynote Address

ept.JPGFor those of you who haven’t seen it yet, grab it here. By and large, the presentation is easy to understand, even for the layman. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the numbers and concepts.

It makes some bold statements, commitments and promises. Exactly the sort of things i think the average Malaysian has been screaming to hear. 

I’m happy that its all out in the open. It seems that there is a real commitment for engagement.

More than 500lab members across210 companies,13 NGOs &32 Government agenciesparticipated full timefor 8 weeks

131 Entry Point Projects (EPPs) spread across the whole nation, handled by the private sector, public listed companies that have to be transparent in their processes. If the people do not trust the Government to be fair in the distribution of projects, hand the job over to the private sector that must be transparent to their shareholders. Let the private sector do what they do best: make money, and keep Big Brother as far away from it all as possible. 

Right now, it’s all talk. Let’s see how well the ball rolls when the real work begins.

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