Commonwealth Games 2010 — omg!

When Malaysia hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1998, it was a resounding success. Queen Elizabeth II, who closed the games, commented that the games was the best of the 20th Century. Quite a wonderful testimony to the effort of the thousands of Malaysians who made it the grand spectacle that it was.

Compare what we did against the abysmal state of the Games’ preparation to be held in Delhi, India next month. Plagued by problems, it promises to be a disaster. Already top athletes like Ian Stannard and Ben Swift are withdrawing themselves from participating, citing security and health concerns.

They say the symbol of a society’s civilization are their toilets. Let’s look at the state of the toilets in the sporting village, where the participants are to be housed:

commonwealth.jpgIf this evidence is anything to go by, India isn’t a very civilized place to be in right now.

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