Can we credit the master for the dog?

attack_dog.jpgI’ve been very critical of PM Najib these past months for his non-committal approach towards racism in general and racists organizations such as PERKASA in particular. Perhaps he wants to have his cake and eat it too — keep PERKASA at arm’s reach, speak about having “zero tolerance” towards racism, but at the same time claim that Ibrahim Ali’s vitriolic is “not that extreme“. Sometimes, i wonder what planet does PM Najib come from to see how irreconcilable both positions are.

However, Nazri Aziz, a Minister in the PM’s department, has been taking PERKASA on with all guns blazing. Almost like a hero from those war movies, charging the enemy guns with fire from his nostrils, grenades in both hands. It’s almost epic.

“I want Ibrahim Ali to reveal whatever secrets he may have against me. In fact, I dare him to. He better start revealing [these] soon, because I will continue to attack Perkasa and I will continue to fight him,” Nazri told The Malaysian Insider.

Nazri is PM Najib’s attack dog? Surely, he can’t be doing any of this on his own accord, not as a minister in the PM’s own department. Surely, without Najib’s overt consent, Nazri wouldn’t be so bold. Therefore, the opposite must be true: Najib wants Nazri to bark, and do it loudly.

Can we credit the master for the actions of the dog? (i mean this symbolically, of course; no offence intended). 

Just as we blame the master when his pet makes a mistake, the opposite must be true as well. So, yes, Najib is doing something about PERKASA. Perhaps not enough, but the gesture is well received.

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One thought on “Can we credit the master for the dog?

  1. I agree with you to a certain extent and yes Najib/Nazri deserves some credit. But on an issue so important as race and to prevent Malaysia sliding away from a moderate society, we really need the PM himself to come out loud and clear.
    Most politicians try to make everyone happy (see Obama), but this should be the case for issues of racism. If BN is serious about getting back the non Malay votes, they need to come down hard on PERKASA and no hammer is heavier than that of the PM. On the other hand it could be that BN has done its calculation and predict that they can keep on winning by allowing PERKASA to play the Malay ultra card, in which case just sending the ‘dog’ out to attack would be sufficient.


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