“Lets give them one chance”

I’ve encountered this argument very, very regularly in comments left by readers on various blogs and news portals. This is the latest re-iteration:

Yes…! We would vote wisely but its always worth trying a new ones. Lets give Pakatan a one term chance. After all we had already given BN more than 50 years chance. Its time for change now!

When i hear this, it reminds me of my days as a young boy, when i was watching the older boys play football in the field near my house. I was too old to play with the younger kids, but just at that age when i was too young to be automatically picked to play with the older kids.

I would plead my case, “Just give me a chance (to play)”, and the older boys would always say, “We don’t have an opening now,” or “You’re too small, no one wants you.”

For many years, the Opposition has had to hear the same things said to them. I wonder if now is the time the Opposition will finally get its chance to play.


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