We live in the Turd World

gruesome.jpgNo, i didn’t spell that wrong. Sometimes, things happen that make us realize that we’re still wallowing in the feces of a regressed mentality, though we have First World aspirations.

You can try this at home, the next time an opportunity arises. I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a dose of stark reality. Good for the liver, i’ve been told.

Call the Customer Service number of a local company that you know doesn’t outsource their call center to somewhere like the Philippines or India. Tell them your problem and demand, as kindly and politely as you can, an investigation into the matter, and a call back once they have found something about your case.

Expect to wait at least 2 days in vain for the full gastronomical impact.

Of course, they don’t call back, so you should try calling them again. This time start taking names, and recording exactly what is said, when it’s said, and how it’s being said. You’ll find that the person on the other side will give you a ton of information with which you can hang them with. Be polite, you’ll get much more out of them that way. 

With the ammunition you now have, roll it all up into a large bazooka and get ready to unleash it on the company’s senior management. For obvious reasons, you can’t find their email addresses anywhere, so what you need to do is call the HQ, and politely ask for their email addresses. With some luck, they’ll think that you’re trying to contact their bosses for some sort of business matter and will be happy to give up all the information you need.

Seriously, vishing is a lot easier than it sounds.

Once you get all your ducks lined up, let loose with the bazooka you’ve compiled. Guaranteed a big explosion where cerebral grey matter is splattered all over the place. Very gruesome.

Then wait for the inevitable surrender, as they finally start listening to what you’re saying and do their best to help you solve your problem.

It really shouldn’t have taken all of this to get the response you deserve, as a paying customer. But what can we do. We, after all, live in the Turd World.


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