Farish Noor strikes again

farish.jpgQuite an outstanding piece of analysis and verbiage. Not to be missed.

However, let us remind ourselves that we need to talk about politics here – and this means talking about institutions, power-relations and power-differentials. In a free, just and equitable society there might be some semblance of a free and independent media. And perhaps in such a Utopian society any politician can go to any newspaper and complain “Mami dat fellow in de committee say he dont want to fren me anymore so I also dont want to fren him and den I wan to sabotage his kempen because he say he dont like my face wan.” (Mommy then pats politician on the head and says “there, there, Dato, here is a lollipop and you can go and create your own splinter party now with some foreign funding from abroad.”)

And that’s all there is, folks. 


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