The exclusiveness of Islam and Heaven

quran.jpgConservations between a Christian and a Muslim.

Christian: What happens to me when i die?Muslim: Everyone dies, eventually. The Holy Quran states that once we die, God will tally our deeds, and on the Day of Judgement, He will reward those of us who believe in Him and do good deeds, and punish those who do not and do bad deeds.

But those who disbelieve say, “The Hour (i.e. the Day of Judgment) will not come to us.” Say, “Yes, by my Lord, it will surely come to you. [God is] the Knower of the unseen.” Not absent from Him is an atom’s weight within the heavens or within the earth or [what is] smaller than that or greater, except that it is in a clear register – That He may reward those who believe and do righteous deeds. Those will have forgiveness and noble provision. But those who strive against Our verses [seeking] to cause failure (i.e. to undermine their credibility) – for them will be a painful punishment of foul nature.  (Quran, 34:3-5)

Christian: I believe in God. Do i qualify for reward?Muslim: The Holy Trinity is not God as described in the Quran. You do not qualify for reward.

Christian: So, what will happen to me?Muslim: The Quran says that you will receive punishment for not believing in Him.

(It will be said to them), `Is it not true that My Messages were recited to you but you went on crying them lies?’ (105) They will say, `Our Lord! our misfortune got the better of us (when we gave ourselves up to evil doings) and we were actually an erring people; (106) `Our Lord! deliver us from this (Hell), we shall indeed be unjust if we return (to our evil ways of disobedience).’ (107) (God) will say, `Begone with you, despised therein (the Hell), and do not speak to Me. (108) (Quran, 23:105-108)

Christian: Even if i do good things in this life like help the weak, defend the poor and respect my parents?Muslim: Yes, the Quran is quite clear — believing in Him is the primary distinction between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

There are some of the Jews who say, `Ezra is the son of Allâh,’ while the Christians say, `The Messiah is the son of Allâh.’ These are mere words that they speak. They only imitate the words of the infidels of old. Allâh assail them! Whither they are deluded away! (Quran, 9:30) 

Christian: Isn’t that spiritual blackmail? What your Quran is saying is that only Muslims will be rewarded in the afterlife, and everyone else will receive punishment for not believing in Him. Therefore, it means that you must choose to be a Muslim, or you choose to be punished on the Day of Judgement.Muslim: You may call it what you want. That’s just what it says in the Quran.

Christian: What about people who have never known Islam? Some people, isolated from the rest of the world, may never have heard about Islam, or may never have been exposed to Islamic teaching, or may have never even met a Muslim. It’s possible to go through your whole life not knowing a thing about Islam. Will these non-Muslims receive punishment too?Muslim: The Quran does not mention such cases. Allah knows best, and will handle such cases as He sees fit.

Christian: Isn’t there a verse in the Quran that says there is to be no compulsion in religion?Muslim: Yes, you are referring to (Quran, 2:256). While the Quran tells us that we cannot force a non-Muslim to become a Muslim, it also tells us what will happen to those who choose not to believe.

There is no compulsion of any sort in religion (as) the right way does stand obviously distinguished from the way of error. Now he that shall reject the transgressor and accepts Allâh (let such know that he) has laid hold of a support firm and strong which knows no breaking. Allâh is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Allâh is the Patron of those who believe, He brings them out of different kinds of darkness (leading them) into light. As for those who disbelieve, their patrons are the transgressors, they bring them out of light (and lead them) into every kind of darkness. It is these who are the fellows of the Fire, therein shall they live for long. (Quran, 2:256-257)

Christian: Isn’t that duress? Muslim: No one is forcing you to believe in Islam. Muslims believe that Heaven is reserved for those who Believe in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad as His messenger.

Christian: So Heaven is the exclusive club of Muslims?Muslim: Yes, that is what we are taught to believe.


2 thoughts on “The exclusiveness of Islam and Heaven

  1. This article does not present the issue honestly, moreover it presents facts without context, leading the reader to a preset conclusion about the “exclusiveness of Islam”
    First of all, the idea that ‘only the adherents of this faith shall enter heaven’ is one shared by most religions. Christians believe this, Jews believe this, the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints believe that etc…
    Secondly, a Muslim does not enter heaven by virtue of his deeds alone but by the grace and beneficence of God.
    Thirdly, It’s not just Muslims that enter heaven, it’s anyone who believes in the one true God only and follows His tenets. At the end of the day it’s not a formula or a tally table that determines who enters and who doesn’t enter Heaven.
    It’s not fair that this issue is presented in this way, it must be explained within its own context to give a clearer picture.
    Thank you


  2. Nasser,
    There really isn’t any need to be defensive.
    1. I didn’t say that other faiths do not believe in the exclusivity of their religion. I’m sure many do.
    2. I don’t deny this either. The Quran states, as i pointed out correctly, that those “who believe and who do good” will be granted reward.
    3. I’m not sure about this last statement. If you recite the syahadah, and believe in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad as His messenger, does that not make you a Muslim? Are there any other “types” of Muslims i’m not aware of.
    At the end of the day, the question is — what i posed at the end. Is Heaven the exclusive club of Muslims (Believers)?
    According to Islam, yes it is.
    Is there any other way to answer that question? Sugar coat it as you will, that is still going to be the same conclusion that you return to.


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