I blame the Government for King Kong

king_kong.jpgSeeing what a Muslim missionary did on YouTube prompted me to think about my religion in a critical way. This, in part, led to me writing “The Exclusiveness of Islam and Heaven“; it’s something i’ve considered ever since the first posting on the Volume of Interactions nearly 10 years ago, but i rarely put these type of thoughts down for obvious reasons. 

Its been a while since something i’ve written has generated so many email responses, some in praise, most in condemnation.

I think the thing that we need to understand as Muslims is that the Quran, the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad and the various fatwas and sermons from our clerics can be interpreted in so many ways. 

The Quran has 109 verses dealing with war and punishment, specifically against non-Muslims. Some of it is incredibly graphic including the often abused (Quran, 2:191-193) which seems to encourage the “slaying” of non-Muslims. However, i believe that there is a context for everything in the Quran, and if we strip the verse of the context, than we are doing nothing less than the gravest of injustices to our faith.

Yes, you heard that correctly. I said “our” faith — the saddest reality of all is that Muslims are doing this to ourselves. It’s not some global conspiracy by the much-maligned Jews or the scheming American Devil that is messing around with the Quran. It is us. You, me, my brother, your sister, our parents, the neighbours next door and the imam on the pulpit. Collectively, we are responsible, collectively, we are Muslims.

When an American fighter bomber accidentally bombs an Afghan village, killing women and children, do we blame the pilot, or do we blame the American people for allowing such an act to happen. After all, its their tax dollars, its their President and its their will that allowed for it. Yes, we blame America. 

Similarly, when a cleric, a respected member of PERKIM stands up and makes fun and jokes about Buddhists non-Muslims and their way of life, we as Muslims have to take the blame. In the presentation of ideas and principals, unfortunately, the collective is always responsible for the individual.

What created a man like that? What creates a man who can strap a bunch of explosives to his chest and blow himself up in exchange for the lives of women and children? Some might say, Islam. The religion is designed to be flexible to ensure that it remains suitable for all man, throughout all the ages. Those of you from IIUM, correct me if this is wrong, but that’s what i remember from Quranic Revealed Knowledge 101. It’s that same flexibility that allows for the religion to be twisted and perverted by the hands of Man.

But surely, someone is doing the twisting, someone is stretching the definitions. This is where i lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the leaders of this country, our Government. But its not exactly what you think — our PM and his legion of men do not go out there and tell Muslims to do bad things. Less i be accused of saying as much, let me disown that position immediately.

What the Government has done in the 50 years since Independence is create a mentality of “us” versus “them”. The “me” versus “you”. Policies designed to broaden the divide between the people have been the order of the day — the NEP created a distinction between the “haves” and the “have nots”. It also drove a wedge between “Bumiputera” and “non-Bumiputera”. During the Islam Hadhari of Badawi we were exposed tragically to the differences between the “Muslim” and the “non-Muslim”, as UMNO tried out “out-Islamize” the Opposition. Today, through his deafening silence on organizations like PERKASA, and individuals like the headmaster of Skudai, PM Najib is telling us that race does matter, the “Malays” exist in juxtaposition to the “non-Malays”.

By constantly reinforcing the duality of our people, the Government has allowed for the people to begin to believe that it’s alright to make negative distinctions, it’s alright to think oneself superior and the “other” inferior. That type of thinking is an infection, and once it lives and prospers in our minds, it’s just a matter of time before it spreads to how we view everything that matters, including how we perceive religion and how we manage our inter-faith relationships.

That’s why, that cleric thought that making a play of words on the faith of Buddhism others was alright, likening it to the fantastical monkey, King Kong. He has been conditioned to exist in a universe where there is only one path, and that all other paths are unworthy. I don’t blame him, i blame myself. But more than anyone else i blame our leaders for what they’ve done to our minds.


14 thoughts on “I blame the Government for King Kong

  1. If our country have more people as matured and as enlightening like you, we would be “Truly Asia”
    For now its just an advertisement we do not entitled to.


  2. It’s a mental conditioning that begins in Primary 1, and continues all the way until Secondary 5, by which time the Malay/Muslim students who come out into the real world have had this “Us” and “Them” brainwashing program fully completed. And at the end of all that the Govt proclaims that they have to go to the “National Service” program for 3 months to un-brainwash them. Are there really people who believe in all this crap? That 11 years of shit in the brains can be washed out in 3 months?
    It’s the education system that is responsible for this, as the system is chockfull of Malay/Muslim chauvinists who abuse the poor young minds that are sent to them for an education.
    Until today I am still feeling so very embarassed because my school organised an Islamic prayer session as the SPM examination was approaching. It was exclusively for Malay/Muslims only, during which there were prayers for the students to achieve all A1s in the exams by the grace of God. Even during those days I always felt so very sad because the way it happened it was as if the Headmistress (a Malay/Muslim) was only concerned about the Malay/Muslims doing well in the exams. I’m sure part of the expenses for the function came from the contributions of all parents into the Tabung PIBG. So why did they not feel it necessary to organise similar prayer sessions for the children of other faiths?
    This is happening until today in every school that I know of. The Malay/Muslims always seem to be the favoured ones. If this is not a kind of apartheid then I don’t know what to call it.


  3. It is good to read this article, and the comment by Siti. It is good that Muslim are waking up to the evil that is being perpetrated. Yes, evil. And a dark evil at that – which works not only in Malaysia, all everywhere Islam reigns. Islam kills. Period. Islamist make no excuses for it. They are proud of it.
    But “Moderate” muslims do try to make excuses for it. Yes, excuses. Feebly explaining how men twist the words of that book. Because in the end, the moderate knows that radical islamist is right about what the Koran says. If the moderate criticizes too openly, he receives a death threat. So he makes excuses instead.
    When you can see the evil, make no excuses. Just say it like Siti.


  4. A little reality is necessary to kick these racial supremacists into the real world!
    Compared to other “races” in terms of every aspect of civilization where can we place the Malays? No. 1? or No. 53? Just pick a number…definitely not in the top 10 right?
    Compared to the other races in terms of technology where would we place the Malays? Anywhere in the top 50s?
    Select any criteria you like..where would the Malays be placed?
    Given such a senario any Malay who thinks he is of a superior race must be mad or living in a world of his own imagination.
    Would anybody including Malays accept the claims of the white supremacists?
    There maybe a lot of closet supremacists among us be they Malays, Chinese, Indians or others. We should arrange a place for them to meet and settle it among themselves once and for all.


  5. Kutakut,
    I disapprove strongly of your comment. Perhaps you misread what i wrote.
    Islam doesn’t create monsters. We do.


  6. Thanks to the MAMAK KUTTY thats corrupted the minds of the majority race here with “US” and “THEM” for the last 22years..Thanks to BTN as well!


  7. Aizuddin, I agree with you. It is never the religion. As religion in its form is PURE. However, it is the people who porpourt to be followers that are destroying the religion. It looks like in Malaysia, some of these Malay muslims are taking a very racialistic line in every avenue to SUPPRESS the non-malays/muslims. It is very sad when a CONVERT believes that he is doing justice to his religion by his STUPIDITY. What is worse is that he is suppose to be a ‘learned muslim’ and his actions and words are an embarrassment to his RELIGION. At this rate, it looks like the ISLAM practise in Malaysia is doomed. This will create even more antogonism against the non-muslims. Sad day for ISLAM to have such despicable MUSLIMS who have no idea to be a human being. A chinese who thinks he is a MALAY. Such utter rubbish.


  8. Keep going people! We are getting somewhere here!
    Siti and Aizuddin may well be the little boy who shouted: “Look the King has no clothes on”


  9. “Similarly, when a cleric, a respected member of PERKIM stands up and makes fun and jokes about Buddhists and their way of life”.
    I am surprised by your remarks.
    Which part of Ann Wan Seng’s message actually made fun and jokes about Buddhists?
    You are as shallow as majority kaum Islam in Malaysia.
    Please don’t equate Chinese pagans as Buddhists, or vice versa.
    Ann was commenting on the Chinese’s practice. It has nothing to do with Buddhism. The Chinese’s practice to pray to all kinds of gods and goddesses are prohibited by Buddhism.


  10. There is not a single verse in any Hindu or Buddhist text that talks bad about another religion. I am very proud of my religion.
    Shiva Shakti.


  11. Nameyou,
    I stand corrected then, let me change “Buddhist” to “non-Muslim”. I’ll admit not being an expert in Buddhism.
    Still doesn’t make what the Muslim cleric did all right, does it?


  12. Dear Nameyou,
    I am more suprised by your remarks as a buddhist.
    You just show yourself to be just as racist as most of us (?).
    Pagan goes to heaven in the Buddhist religion ? For your information they do, if they have walk the right path.
    Buddhism do not discriminate against any one, even a Muslim can enter the so call heaven of Buddhism if his soul has gain enough enlightenment.
    And Buddhism does not needs defending, give it a rest, just concentrate on doing good things.


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