And the blows keep on coming… poor PKR

It seems that the negative press for PKR doesn’t stop coming. Something bad is written about them nearly everyday now, and not just in the BN-controlled mainstream media.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 14 — PKR supreme council member N. Gobalakrishnan threatened to quit the party today, alleging that party vice-president Azmin Ali and several top leaders had formed a “cartel” to tamper with the party elections.

The PKR fanboys will undoubted say that this is normal in a democracy, or even launch personal attacks on Gobalakrishnan claiming that he is a mole or “Trojan Horse” or traitor.

But my father used to say, “There won’t be smoke if they isn’t a fire somewhere”. 

Somewhere, something in PKR is burning. Could it be democracy?

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