The perfect decoy

Decoy_Duck.jpgPM Najib is not a dumb man. Neither are his advisors, certainly not those dudes from APCO. For whatever else we can say about the man, let’s give him that credit at least.

From the first time i heard about the 100-storey Warisan tower to be built next to my alma mater, i think i reacted the same way as most thinking Malaysians: “What a bad idea!”. To hear several days later from PM Najib himself that the idea was not actually his own but PNBs in their effort to diversify their investments didn’t really help restore my faith in the whole project.

A bad idea is a bad idea, no matter what the source. And as PM, it’s your job to say so especially when the bad idea comes from a GLC. I mean, caveat emptor and all of that, if PNB insists with the project, more power to them. But surely, the PM could have said something a bit more than, “This isn’t my idea, but i think it’s good enough to mention in my Budget speech.”

Realizing all of this gets me thinking — is PM Najib playing the smart game and flushing us out with a decoy? 

You know what all good hunters do during a hunt. They use decoys to flush out the prey. Like a duck hunter, he’ll plant a decoy, make some quacking sounds, and lie in wait to ambush as the flock of ducks come by to see what all the fuss is about.

Perhaps, we’re the ducks, and the Warisan tower is PM Najib’s decoy. Just like all decoys, it was never real, just an imitation, a fabrication, and a tool to be used for a greater purpose. The Warisan tower was never meant to be built, but we are meant to believe that it is, and we are meant to get angry and emotional over what a bad idea it is.

Then just before the next GE comes about, PM Najib, the hunter, will blow the decoy out of the water — what a waste of good money, PNB can do better, the rakyat deserve more, KL’s problems are not a lack of real estate but a lack of proper transportation planning.

And the rest of us, like the ducks that we are, will be stunned at first, then we’ll applaud him for his bravery and vision, for listening to the voices of the people. What a great PM we have! With some luck, we’ll take that feel good feel all the way to the ballot box.

It’s a conspiracy theory i know. But think about his advisors. I mean, APCO made the Israelis look good. Making a PM in a backward, developing nation full of gullible and ill-informed ducks look like a hero is child’s play.

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5 thoughts on “The perfect decoy

  1. Haha I like your theory buddy, possibly true but probably not. The tower is not just about the official justification of “putting Malaysia on the world map” as the PM would like us to believe. The real motive is to provide contracts and make millionaires of a few connected business man (which no doubt provide some funding back to the govt). The official justification can be deemed unimportant and therefor reversed at anytime, but to claw back on the real motive will prove to be much more difficult.


  2. It will be interesting to see what happens buddy, but how do we know if any reverse of decision is because of the government genuinely giving in to the pressure or the duck decoy theory?


  3. That’s impossible to know for sure, i suppose.
    But the effect is the same. And as the voters, we need to remember, that no matter what happens, the decision on polling day should be based on the sum of the whole rather than the parts.


  4. I am with you Aizuddin.
    I have the same theory as well when it first came out on the budget speech.
    Connected-Businessmen are already and still making millions in other projects … but if this is to be built …. they hit the jackpot.


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