Zaid quits

zaid_ibrahim.jpgIt comes to no surprise to anybody, least of all those of us who have been tracking this man’s passage through first, UMNO, and now, PKR. It must be a pretty unique experience as far as political resumes go: from Cabinet minister to outcast, to PKR upper echelon then to outcast again.

To the reasonable mind, it does seem like the problem lies with Zaid Ibrahim and not with the parties he has joined and been subsequently ejected from. If the tiger goes to the Lamb Club and is told to leave, then the tiger goes to the Goat Club and is told to leave, is it a problem of the Lambs and the Goats or is it a problem of the tiger? Maybe the tiger is just someone no one likes to have around, regardless of their political affinity. That really takes some doing. Usually, a person UMNO hates is welcomed by PKR, and vice versa. But to get everyone to hate you? That really takes some talent.

Not looking down at the man, not at all. The Volume of Interactions has applauded many of the things Zaid has said and done recently, and i do admire him for his courage to say the things that needed saying, damn the guns.

Where does he go from here? To form his own party is the general consensus; if that does happen, it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll be able to claim any success with that route. Or will see yet another ejection? Tossed out of UMNO, PKR and his own party? Now that would be an achievement.


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