Is Anwar gay?

wikileaks.jpgHonestly, it doesn’t make a difference to me. He can be as gay as a canary and i’ll still appreciate him for his abilities as a leader, and as one of the great contemporary Malay speakers. That doesn’t mean that i like him, nor does it mean i agree with his ideas. Respect and concurrence can be mutually exclusive.

What does matter to me is the carriage of justice, and it’s plain to see that justice has been trodden on with horrible impunity during Anwar’s second sodomy trial. From a dodgy timeline, to Mohd Saiful’s dubious meetings with top Government leadership prior to the police report being filed, to the existence of everlasting semen, to a judge that has a quirky sense of fairplay — the trial has damaged Malaysia’s reputation far more than any WikiLeak report could possibly achieve.

The one thing that does concern me about the WikiLeaks report on Australia and Singapore intelligence agencies believing that Anwar is in fact gay (or bisexual) is how they will then choose to conduct itself with him should he come to leadership of the nation one day. Dealing with a gay leader of a predominantly homophobic has it’s advantages, especially if you hold the trump cards and somehow have irrefutable evidence that the leader is in fact, gay. 

Of course, that’s just speculation, and even if it wasn’t, Anwar’s personal sexual preferences doesn’t mean anything to me. But, it just might mean something to foreign governments looking for leverage on Malaysia. 


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