I’ve never felt so connected

The world has certainly changed. On my desk, i’ve got 4 devices that connect me to the internet. Around, i have people tapping on their Blackberries, iPhones and iPads. And their desktop computers as well. A few cubicles down, someone is blaring into his phone, talking about buying the latest Samsung gadget. Behind me, there are a bunch of people talking about how to make money from an online campaign. Later today, i’ve got meetings with people who will show me how to make the public love Maybank even more than they already do — just by interacting with us over the Internet.

It’s quite a bit to absorb. The Internet is everywhere, strangely pervasive to the point of being obtrusive. I can’t touch a key stroke without transmitting my thoughts into the world and the abyss of 101s. 

As connected as i feel, can anyone fault me for being so detached?


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