If BN loses the next election, it will be because of one man

And his family. Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak. The chronicles of his exploits are well documented in the Sarawak Report — there just seems to be so much dirt on him and his family, and the allegations of what he has done as an injustice to the people of Sarawak are reaching almost epic proportions. It seems almost inconceivable that one man can do so much to his own people and get away with it for so many years. 

Say what you will about the alleged corruption of BN leaders here in the Peninsula, but people such as Tun M had the good sense not to parade the wealth, and made damned sure that his children didn’t either. That example seems to have been lost on the Taibs, as photos from his daughter’s marriage surface. No right minded person will believe that the Taibs are able to afford such affluence and extravagance on the salary of a public servant. Impossible. 

To me, just as inconceivable is why Peninsula BN leaders have not done anything to remove the disgrace that is known as Taib. Surely, it must have dawned on them, in a GE13 that is already balanced on a knife’s edge, the loss of Sarawak (and possibly Sabah) to the Opposition will topple them from Government. Even to me, an armchair observer, it’s obvious that victory in GE12 was attained because East Malaysia stayed true to the BN path. If PR had done more somehow, and taken East Malaysia then, as they threaten to do now, we may already be living under a different government today.

There is only so much that the people of Sarawak will be able to tolerate. Will this be the time when they say, “We’ve had enough, Taib, get out”. If they do, then the Kingmakers of our Borneo brothers and sisters may very well end up saying the same thing to BN in Putrajaya.


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