It wasn’t suicide. It wasn’t homicide. But he did get beaten.

The inquest ruling for Teoh Beng Hock has answered some questions but also opened up a whole new can of worms. While this isn’t ideal, i disagree with the general sentiment that there has been no progress made in this mystery. Anytime you’re able to further narrow down the list of possibilities, progress is being made.

So the coroner decided that there was not enough evidence to conclude either a suicide or a homicide. However, he did decide that there was enough evidence that TBH was beaten, or put under some form of physical duress before he died.

The new questions that have appeared:

  • Did he receive the beating during or after his interrogation by MACC? Potentially (because there isn’t any evidence to conclude otherwise), did he receive the bruises BEFORE he reported to MACC for questioning? 
  • Who beat him up/strangled him?
  • Why was he beaten/strangled?

The obvious follow on to these questions are:

  • Did the beating contribute to his death? Was he beaten, and while trying to escape he fell out the window? Was someone chasing him in those dark corridors that night?
  • After he was beaten, was he in a state of shock, perhaps due to the lack of oxygen caused by the strangulation, he was disoriented and fell?

The reaction of the family and supporters of TBH is generally expected. When they say that “justice” has not been done, i get the feeling that the only “justice” they would accept is that if the MACC is indicted for TBH’s death. Grief requires an outlet, in this case, grief requires a culprit, a murderer, a person or persons who can be blamed for the death. But the satisfaction of grief does not necessarily lead to justice, unfortunately. 

This story is not over. But, i fear, the longer it carries on, the less chance there will be for justice to be found.


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