Political double-speak

This is the type of political double-speak that is near to convincing me that a PR-led Federal Government will be absolutely no different from the current BN government we have now.

“That is why the state government and excos came for the ceremony today. We still won’t call Khusrin for the oath in front of MB until the decision has been addressed in the next state sitting,” said Khalid.

He, however, played down the state government’s insistence on pushing for Mohd Khusrin to be replaced, claiming that it did not mean that the administration “disagreed” with the Sultan.

“I am not disagreeing… his (Mohd Khusrin)’s appointment is legal, we are not saying that it is illegal, if you follow the state laws which have been in place since 1993.

“We just do not agree with the laws and want to amend them. I think even the Sultan is in agreement over the amendment, to restore power to the Sultan and the MB,” Khalid said.

Khalid is not saying that he doesn’t agree with the Sultan (to avoid confrontation and to avoid being labelled “derhaka”) but he doesn’t agree with the laws that have allowed the Sultan to make the choice that he has made. If that’s the case, why only attempt to change the law AFTER Khusrin has been appointed, and seek to apply the new law, if passed, retrospectively.

Selangor’s state government is going to be a bigger joke than Perak’s abortive attempt. At least the Perakian PR state government made all the right moves, but were just betrayed from within. The Selangor state government is going a good job all on its own shooting itself to pieces. First with the 1Malaysia fiasco, now with this, going head to head against the Sultan.

Call BN what you will, they are brilliant snooker players. Khalid has been snookered.


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