The Malay Muslim sensitivity towards breasts, the penis and vagina

I found myself getting quite irritated after reading this article.

Religious speaker Datuk Mohd Che Daud said the station made an inappropriate move to discuss the matter in public, when it should have been discussed in private.

He also said breast enlargement procedures were haram (forbidden) and chided television stations for being influenced by Western norms of openly talking about sensitive matters.

Why are people so “sensitive” about these topics? The breast, the penis, the vagina – these are all taboo words? Why, they are normal parts of the human anatomy, just like the eye, the mouth, the stomach. Why are they given special treatment?

Is it because they are sexual organs, and the ustazs and ustazahs are uncomfortable about talking openly about sex and sexuality? Why be uncomfortable? It can’t be an Islamic thing, the Prophet and his wives talked about it all the time.

So it must be a Malay Muslim thing. Collectively, our Malay society has got a perverse fascination with sex. People like having sex, but no one likes talking about it, not even about our sexual organs. We prefer to keep things quiet, hush-hush. Somehow in all the silence, we’re supposed to mature as a society, we’re supposed to be able to educate our young about sex, we’re supposed to fight sexual crime and harassment. We’re supposed to do all of this, but we have to do this in silence or in “private”.

I have to say it if no one else will. The Malay Muslim sensitivity is pathetic, and i’m ashamed of it.

I’ve written about it before, about how sensitive Malay Muslims are about religion. And here, our pathetic complex strikes again on the issue of sexuality. Anything that is “sensitive” the Malay Muslim will shy away from and refuse to discuss, despite these issues being of burning concern to our society. Why? 

Then they use Islam as an excuse. We’re no better than those suicide bombers who use Islam to blow up little kids and women. We use Islam to cover up our embarrassment about sex, and our sexuality. We use Islam to justify our choices of political parties. We use Islam to justify how we treat women and our wives. We use Islam to justify our bad decisions as being “fate” or the ultimate cop-out, “It’s the will of God”. 

And worse of all, anyone who questions the criticism (like me), anyone who objects to the ustazs and ustazahs will have their “Islamic-ness” put to question. The worst nasty trick and weapon used to squash the dissenters and thinkers. The practice of Islam in this country isn’t much different from the practice of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, is it? The Church excommunicated and threatened to excommunicate thinkers, Enlightenists, scientists. The ulamaks we have here are doing the same. Same old, same old. Holding ideas to religious ransom.

I’m just as Muslim as you, brother. I just think there is a different way: not yours.

Who taught the Malay Muslim to be like this? We can’t blame Mahathir for this one. The OCD Malay Muslim will perhaps try to blame Islam. Oh, the irony.

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2 thoughts on “The Malay Muslim sensitivity towards breasts, the penis and vagina

  1. Aiz, a few comments
    1) I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments, discussion should be out in the open so that misinformation can be corrected. If the subject matter is not suitable for underage then use a rating system or show it late at night.
    2)I’m not too sure about the website you linked your article to though. I am sure Islam provides guidance on issues of sexuality (how can a religion be complete without touching on one of the most basic components of human existence), but the website you used (being an anti Islam website) tries to portray Islam as an oversexed religion and Prophet Muhammad as a sex maniac. You might want to read your links first buddy 🙂


  2. Yeah, i should have read through that link more carefully.
    But the point remains valid — Islam talks about sex all the time, male/female relations, sexual organs (e.g. what to do after sex, how to wash, etc.)
    If our religion is open about sex and genitalia, why are Malays not?


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