My favorite iPad apps

Before I bought the iPad, it struck me as a great device. Chalk that up to Apple’s marketing engine. Now that I actually have it, I know it is a great device. In some ways better than great. Amazing.

What makes it great? it does what it’s supposed to do, minimal fuss, maximum delivery. For a piece of technology, any piece of technology, that’s the practical Holy Grail: working as intended.

So what does the iPad do so well? It’s a media consumption device. I’ve consumed gigabytes of data since I got it, and I’m still hungry for more, partially because the experience is so enjoyable.

Think of it this way. We all have to eat. But when you eat at a slummy restaurant you probably just eat enough to get full. When you eat at a posh restaurant, you eat for the pleasure of it. Same thing with the iPad.

One of the great things about the iPad are the apps that support it. If the iPad is the posh restaurant, apps are the furnishings, cutlery and tableware. The following are my personal favorites:

Photo Apps – Luminance, Pixlromatic and Photoshop Express. Each of these photo apps are cool on their own, but I’ve found that using them in concert works best.

Evernote – media store room. I don’t leave home without it. Have it on my PC and iPhone as well. It’s that good.

Hootsuite – a very good social networks aggregator. Facebook and Twitter all in one place, covering multiple accounts. Bliss.

Air Playit HD – love this. Allows me to transform my desktop and notebooks into video streaming servers for my iPad. Download movies on my desktop, watch them conveniently without have to mess without conversion or file transfer on the iPad. Uber.

Photo Transfer App – transfer photos take on my iPhone to my iPad! That’s as good as it sounds. Especially considering the iPad camera is just crap.

Readings – BBC News, The Economist, iBooks. Reading a book on iBooks is easier on the eyes than I thought it would be.

TuneIn Radio Pro – I’ve always enjoyed listening to the radio. Doesn’t get better than this, the radio world is practically in the palm of my hand.

TED – I’m a fan of the website, the app allows for much more convenient navigation on the iPad and the creation of “inspire me” playlists that I really appreciate.

In a way I’m surprised at the amount of media I’ve been able to consume in a day. Maybe that, more than anything else, is testimony at how technologically defining the iPad has become.

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