The serenade of Anuar Zain

Part 2 of 3, Maybank Awards Night 2012

Last year, the Maybank Awards Night saw Faizal Tahir as the main act. This year, Anuar Zain took to the stage to the delight of crowd. He belted out a good set of songs, including his hits, “Sedetik Lebih” and “Ketulusan Hati”. The crowd was very appreciative. Besides his vocal ability, what endeared him to the audience was his natural ease and self-confidence. Equally at ease in control of every corner of the stage, or a simply sitting at the top of the steps, or coming within feet of his adoring fans, he just oozed charm and charisma. We were eating out of his hands, like warm, mushy putty.

Anuar Zain, Incomparable