Photoessay: BMW Malaysian Open 2012

Watching women’s tennis on television has generally been an underwhelming affair for me; i personally feel the men’s game is much more exciting with drama, power and several top players who seem to take turns to give other a black eye on the court. Only after watching the women’s game live at the recently concluded BMW Malaysian Open did i begin to appreciate the charm of the contest.

Kristyna Pliskova

Kristyna Pliskova

Petra Martic

Petra Martic

Watching the crowd watching the games was also a fruitful exercise. People from all over the world follow these matches; the international flavour is quite intense. They all have their favourites and are not afraid to make their voices heard during the match. Screams of “You can do it!” or “Good shot!” reverberate through the stadium after each point. The mumblings in the crowd after a poor shot or questionable line call rumble in a low drone. All part of the entertainment of watching the match in the stadium, things often lost in translation on TV.

The ladies on the court hold center-stage. The crowd certainly have a story of their own to tell, equally compelling.



Iron Man



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