Photoessay: Jalan Tun HS Lee

Whenever in KL, the most famous street that everyone wants to visit is Petaling Street, the heart of Chinatown. But just a couple of hundred meters away is a real gem that locals swear by. A place where you can find just about anything you want, all you need to do is know who to ask! What makes the place so appealing is that it’s the crossroads where cultures meet in KL — the proverbial melting pot. In the north, you have the Chinese coffeeshops, to the west, the South Asian community, slightly to the east, you’ll find some Malay restaurants, and oddly south, you’ll find one of KL’s best steakhouses, run by a German. It doesn’t get more cosmopolitan than that.

All shots taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with a Carl Zeiss Distagon 28mm f2 ZE. Full sized set can by found on my Flickr.

He's been here all his life

This man and restaurant has been here so long, his father used to sell noodles to mine

Coffeeshop lunch

A common sight during lunch hour, packed restaurant on Tun HS Lee

Noodles by the window

Noodles by the window

An impromptu butcher

A butcher in the middle of the city

Cow's head

A cow’s head

Older than my father

The rustic architectural charm of Tun HS Lee

Chinese pastries lady

Since i was a boy, i’ve been buying pastries from this lady