Hot Air Balloons

Took a day off from work to de-stress and go for a photosafari at the 4th Putrajaya International HAB Fiesta 2012. Arrived at 5.30am, and was astounded to find a long line already formed to buy tickets for the hot air balloon rides; not bad considering the tickets only officially go on sale at 8am. The organizers were very considerate — they passed out stubs with numbers on them at 6.30am, because there are only 300 tickets on sale per session. Therefore, people who knew they wouldn’t get tickets wouldn’t have to keep on waiting in line. All 300 stubs were given out at 6.30am, with many others not getting one.

The event itself was quite fun, well organized, and blessed with fantastic good weather. Photographic conditions were optimal, and the bonus of having a buttery creamy low cloud cover gave otherwise boring photocompositions some texture and perspective.

Taking a walk around the park, i was quite impressed by the layout, water fixtures and overall quality of the location. The Rukunegara Obelisk (Millenium Monument) was particularly interesting, and from there, i got a great all-around view of the area.

Very fun, and not just because of the balloons. Click for larger versions. View the full photoset here.

Balloons, balloons in the sky!


Balloons, balloons in the sky!

Getting ready to go

Balloons, balloons in the sky!

Firing the balloon

Balloons, balloons in the sky!

Millenium Monument, Putrajaya

Look, mama, in the sky!

Look mom, in the sky!