IIUM Rector’s Cup 2012

It was my honour to be invited to adjudicate the Grand Finals of the IIUM Rector’s Cup 2012 last night. Not only for the chance to have my mind stimulated for the evening, but i was also excited to reconnect with some old friends whom i’ve not met in years. 

Debating was a large part of my university experience; for 6 years, i was involved in every way possible, and i think more than anything else during my early adulthood, it shaped me into the person i am today. It was refreshing to see the latest batch of debaters coming through the program, and performing so admirably well under the spotlight — the great tradition of the International Islamic University for producing great speakers is assured, at least for the next couple of years with young talent of the caliber on display last night.

Taufik Albar

The great, Taufik Albar. Now with white hair and a couple of wrinkles.

Azahan & Latif

Azahan Azad and Muhammad Abdul Latif, enjoying a light moment

Old friends, reunion

Products of the IIUM English debating program, reunion