Visiting Google, the Masters of the Universe

I must admit, i’m a bit of a Google fanboy, always have been. They burst onto the scene in 1996, during a time when giants such as Yahoo! and MSN were in the ascendancy. With a ton of ingenuity (their search algorithm is still a closely guarded secret) and a pinch of luck, they have matured into arguably the most influential dot com of current times and the forseeable future. At work, i playfully label them the Masters of the Universe — the Internet is a huge tangle of information, and the ones who control how we find said information, controls the sandpit. 

I was happy to accept their invitation to spend a few days in their Singapore campus this week; to meet several of their regional and US CPG leads and to learn from them. But not before i was taken on a tour around the office, for a taste of the famed Google workspace culture. Open, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, the workspace makes creative use of the available space. Uncommon meeting areas abound. More coffee machines than you can shake a stick at. An in-campus restaurant run by an award-winning chef. A massage parlour (!) Sleeping hammocks.

Does all of this help Google do what they do? On the evidence, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

View the full photoset here. Click on the images below for the large version.

Google Singapore

Google greets you in the reception area

A meeting space

An uncommonly useful meeting area

Vanity wall

Google vanity wall, in one of their many pantries

Food by award winning chefs

In-campus restaurant run by an award winning chef

Fancy a game of foosball?