Photoessay: When i drive home each day

I see the same things every day, and have seen the same for the last 7 years. But have i really seen them? I don’t know. So today, i decided to pay attention, with my camera. 

Warning: Do not drive and shoot photos. It’s extremely dangerous. 

Click on each for the larger version.

The Stock Exchange

The KL Stock Exchange and the KL Tower. Twin bastions of capitalistic achievement of the nation. It’s apt that they are easily found next to each other. The rock of washed granite, and the needle that reaches to prick the sky. A strangely poetic juxtaposition.

Charms and shutters

Part of the charm of KL is the heritage it attempts to retain, despite the bustling modernization. Old buildings that have stood since my grandfather’s time still have their place. Not always in the best of conditions, but that’s an indictment of a city that can’t make up it’s mind rather than owners who couldn’t care less.


Either knowingly or not, there is an uncommon sophistication in the architecture in the heart of the old city. Almost avant garde in nature. Certainly not a testimony of the dry British colonialists; it makes you wonder where it all came from.

Shadow art

Initially, i binned this photo. Out of focus, poorly exposed, and suffering from a bout of motion blur. Then i looked again, and saw the graffiti. The dusk light against the dark scribblings on a pillar, “Feki GayBoy” — is it telling us a story? Enlightenment of homosexuality, or the setting sun, displacing it into the shadows. After giving it a thought, i couldn’t bring myself to delete it.

Frying noodles

This man has cooked dinner for me many a night. I’ve often wondered whether he would agree to be my personal chef should i be able to afford one in the future. The meanest fried noodles this side of Shanghai. I’ve watched him closely often, and have come to the conclusion while other people use salt to flavour their cooking, this chef uses something altogether more natural. I leave it to your imagination to guess the secret ingredient.

A food van

You’ll find mobile stalls like this everywhere in the city. Generally operated by ladies, they sell everything from drinks to rice to fried desserts. Sometimes they also offer a simple space to lean against and fall asleep.