Geartalk: Seascapes through an iPhone

Recently, i was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and took the chance to put some of my camera gear through it’s paces. The iPhone proved quite capable when taking seascape photos, though it suffered when light was at a premium. 

Looking East.

Looking East. In pleasant daybreak light, the iPhone excels. Detail is sharp, colour is well saturated and noise levels are very very low.

Looking West.

Looking West. The real conditions when this shot was taken was actually quite a bit darker than the photo suggest. The iPhone sensor was still able to pick up the little ambient light there was, and managed to retain the colour accuracy, but noise levels are just through the roof. Still, a great option to have when nothing else is on hand.

Boat ride.

Boat Ride. In a bright, high contrast situation where reflecting light off the water does all sort of funky things, the iPhone still maintains it’s general composure quite well. Detail is retained, and colour saturation is outstanding.

With the iPhone this good, perhaps one day i’ll be able to go on trip with only a camera phone in my pocket!