Photoessay: You only turn one once

Time flies is the old cliche. And no where does it zoom by faster than when you’re watching your children grow up. That’s a sad and, at the same time, joyful truth. It wasn’t that long ago, Mia Eryna was born to this world, and i was calling the azan into her ear. The smallest little thing, has transformed into a beautiful baby girl. If there are miracles in this world, it has to be the transformation that i’m privileged to see every day, in Mia, and in Rayyan. 

We threw a party for Mia’s first birthday over the weekend, just as we did for Rayyan’s when he turned one. The plan is not to have another party until they both turn 5, so we had to make the first one count. Haha. 

Was very happy to see friends and family turn out in force. Uncles, aunts, grandmother, and office colleagues were on hand to share in the happy times, made all the merrier by an excellently organized McDonald’s party planner. The food – burgers and nuggets – never tasted better, for some reason. Party games that the kids enjoyed and a fabulous cake rounded off a great afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who attended, thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes, special thanks to wife and mother, Siti Aishah, for painstakingly and lovingly planning it all to perfection. Here are some pictures for us all to remember the occasion. 

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The party princess

The center of attention

The center of attention


Three generations of Kassims, all in a row


Grand-uncle Kim Sang, the patriarch of the Cheong family


Family portrait (minus me)