My 5 most interesting photos

Flickr has an algorithm that it uses to determine the “interestingness” of a photograph. It’s a combination of how many views the photo has received, how many people “liked” it, how many people engaged with it with comments, and how fast all of this happened. It’s a fairly accurate gauge of how well received, and generally how interesting your photo is. Notice, it doesn’t gauge how “good” a photo is; that’s too subjective for any algorithm to figure out. 

I’ve uploaded 679 photos into Flickr in the last 6 months or so, and the following 5 are what my audience find the most interesting. The first was shot with a Canon 5D MarkII 50mm, and the next 4 were taken with an Olympus E-PM1 45mm.

What do you think of them? Click for the larger version. Here are my Top 50 most interesting photos. My Flickr photostream.


Shot in Cameron Highlands, night market


An unknown lady of uncommon beauty and poise

A lady's beauty

A colleague, at a corporate function

A beautiful lady in a hijjab

A colleague, at another corporate function


Mia, my daughter (i liked this photo so much, i printed it on a large canvas that now hangs proudly on my wall)