DAS WESENTLICHE – The Essential Element

Was happy to be invited to attend the Leica launch event for it’s latest cameras in the market — the Leica M-Monochrom, the Leica X2 and the Leica M9 Hermes Edition. A new lens, the ultra-sharp APO-Summicron-M 50/2 ASPH was also launched. Met some people whom i knew, and made new people who shared a passion for photography in general and a fascination with the Leica brand in particular.

The cameras themselves were an interesting mix. The Leica M9 Hermes Edition is a beautifully crafted camera, and extremely exclusive. The Leica M-Monochrom has made waves as a B&W only digital camera — a very bold move by Leica, and probably only something they can pull off considering the history and type of following the brand enjoys. The Leica X2 is a very compact, very light firecracker of a camera. Read the review of the excellent pair of reviews for the Leica M-Monochrom and the Leica X2.

It’s unlikely that my near future sees me owning any one of the cameras launched tonight, but that’s where aspirations and desire comes into play — i can want to own a Leica M one day and work towards this goal. Who knows what the next day might hold. 

Click through the images for the larger version. See the full photoset of the event (15 photographs).

The Leica M-Monochrom

The Leica M-Monochrom. See no touch, unfortunately.

The Slinged Leica

The ultimate accessory

The Leica M9 Hermes Edition

The Leica M9 Hermes Edition

Unveiling the Hermes

Unveiling the Leica M9 Hermes. What a beautiful camera!

The Leica X2

Shooting with the Leica X2