Streeting is like a box of chocolates

You just never know what you’re going to get. And that’s part of the charm, the allure, the bait to lure the adventurous spirit within each of us to get out there, camera in hand.

Some days you come back empty handed. Some days you come back with a photos you can spend hours looking at, and wonder.

Click through the images for the larger version. All shot with a Canon 5D MarkII, 50mm f1.4 lens.

The Seven Apostles

At the time i didn’t realize how interesting i’d find this scene. The moment i saw it on my monitor, i thought, “Wow. 7 men (excluding the one inside), each with body language and facial expressions that tell much more than is obvious.”

The number seven was nagging as me. It had a significance, though it took me a moment to realize how it would fit into this context. Then it struck me — the twelve apostles of Christ, SEVEN of whom were crucified. It spurred me to look more closely into the shot. Peter? Andrew? Phillip? Simon? 

*EDIT 8 June: I’ve been informed that seven apostles were not crucified (though some could have been). The idea that they were is an uncertain oral traditional.

Screw you!

A bit further down the road, an old lady was getting really wound up at one of the stall sellers. Screaming profanities, hunched over, sharply jabbing her finger at him. I waited for her to turn so that i’d capture her anger, and she did eventually, but from the contact sheet, i chose this instead. The vehemence of the posture, the jabbing accusation at an unknown person off-frame. This photo just seems to suck me in with it’s emotion.

la mode faux

It looks like a tattoo. But it isn’t. He looks like a tough, mean man, brawny and powerful with a gold bracelet and a Rolex. But maybe just like his fake tattoo, he isn’t, and it isn’t. Perhaps it’s the shoes that just gives him away.