Edward Kwon, gastronomical superstar!

Initially, i wasn’t planning to go for the launch event and luncheon, but i allowed myself to be convinced. What a decision it turned out to be!

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the whole concept of the “celebrity chef” — i mean, how much nicer can the food be? Food is food is food. You eat it, you fill up, then you walk away. But as i was about to learn, there is eating, and there is eating. 

Edward Kwon, a Korean, is a real talent. Charismatic, witty, he knows his way around the kitchen. I observed him talk about his craft, and it’s obvious he’s passionate about it. He wanted to be a priest growing up; if his dream had come true, what i can say is that monks in a monastery somewhere would have beed very well fed indeed! When it was time to turn up the heat and plate the food for 80 guests, his attention to detail was inspiring. Everything had to be just right, every plate went through his hands.

The proof is in the pudding. And so it was with his food. Amazing. The soya bean paste soup was creamy, rich and heavenly tainted with foie gras. The wagyu beef stew, braised with Korean pears practically melted in the mouth. It was so good. Desert was a berry sorbet to end all sorbets: smooth as silk, almost impossibly so.

I said to my neighbour at the table, “Edward has ruined my meals for the week — nothing will be able to compare to this.” I was understating it terribly. Try the next month. You don’t forget a meal like this, and perhaps that’s where the talent lies: to make food taste so divine, it becomes unforgettable.

The full photoset (10 frames) can be found on my Flickr page.

You mean, here?

You mean, here?

Sharing a light moment with a fan

Interacting with a guest

Addressing the audience

Regaling the audience with tales of the trade

Feeding frenzy!

The media goes wild!