The Chinese Busker

I was in KL Sentral this morning, and as i was walking around, the sweet sounds of a violin came over the air. A little known fact about me — i play the violin too, or rather, i used to play it as a teen. Can’t say i was any good, but it is a lovely instrument to play, and given the chance to pick it up, i’d do it again. 

It seems the source of the music was a elder Chinese man. He must have been in his 60s, sitting in his chair, violin in hand. His song selection was limited, just to a few well known tunes. And he played them in an unending loop. Not particularly dextrous, with notes going randomly off-key every so often. But interesting enough that i stood there for more than several moments to listen. His violin case quickly filled up with coins and notes, he emptied it once it was half-full; perhaps that’s a busker’s strategy: people are more likely to tip when they see an empty case?