Running into Anuar Zain

Was smoking a cigar at the Havana Club, Le Meridien KL Sentral, a couple of days ago and received a surprise when Anuar Zain walked in. He was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a denim shirt. A handsome man by any accounts, and he smokes Partagas. He knows his cigars!

In the brief couple of minutes he was in the store, a few scenarios ran in my mind. Do i play it cool, pretending not to recognize him? (impossible, it’s Anuar Zain). Do i play the fanboy, and give him a manly hello and try to engage him in meaningless chatter? (eeewww) Do i treat him like a Brother of the Leaf (a fellow cigar aficionado) and comment on his cigar choice, ask him to join my friends and i for a smoke? (i came t-h-i-s close to doing this).

In the end, my hesitation made up my mind for me. He turned to look at our group, and we made eye contact. I gave him a smile, and he smiled back. “I know who you are” – “I know you know who i am” kind of exchange happened. Then he paid and he left.

Anuar Zain, Incomparable