Babes on Bikes @ Jom Photo

There is something visually and psychologically appealing about women on bikes. The prettier the women, the bigger the bikes, the better. It’s a bit like women and cigars — i haven’t met a woman who smoked cigars who wasn’t attractive. 

Perhaps Eddie Putera knew this when he arranged for a Harley Davidson and models photoshoot as part of the “Jom Photo, Kuala Lumpur” carnival he organized this weekend. I had a chance to speak with him for a bit, and he said that the reason why he wanted “Jom Photo” to be a success was because today’s photographers were all online, and the opportunity to network and make real friends were limited. In order for the community to become closer, it needed to exist in the real world as well as the cyber.

On to the ladies, and the bikes. Vroom vroom.