Amy Search, Malaysia’s musical Peter Pan

Part 4 of a 4 part series celebrating the superstars of the Legendary Concert: Jamal Abdillah, Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin, and Amy Search.

Born in 1958, Suhaimi Abdul Rahman, or popularly known as Amy Search, made his name as the lead vocals for the ultra-popular band called, “Search”. Dominating the late-1980s and 1990s, Amy conquered all with Search. The rocker, the rebel with a cause, the good-bad-good schizophrenia that everyone loved.

During the Legendary Concert, he more than amply proved he still has what it takes. The moment he stepped out on stage, women screamed his name, hysterical with pleasure at the pure raw appeal of a man Amy exudes. As he belted out the songs that made him famous, you could feel the blood in your veins boil with excitement. It was just an incredible performance, from an incredible man.