45,000 names on a piece of string

Maybank hosted a fun evening for the Malaysian badminton Olympic team and the press tonight. Dato Sri Wahid, PCEO of Maybank, was to present a special badminton racquet to the team: it has nearly 45,000 Malaysian names etched onto it’s strings. As a symbolic gesture to the success of the team, as they chase the dream of an Olympic gold medal.

I was there snapping away with my Olympus OM-D EM-5. Shooting events can be fun and very rewarding. Light conditions were incredibly challenging — a mix of tungsten yellow and fluorescent white light. Completely blew out the white balance of even the usually accurate OM-D; first time i’ve see it being defeated by difficult light.

Despite the smashed colours, i knew right away by looking at the results, these photos would need to be presented in black & white; there is a particular photojournalistic feel to them, in their composition that would be enhanced by monochrome.

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Rashid Sidek

Dato Sri Abdul Wahid




Datuk Lee Chong Wei